Schools have a responsibility to protect children that are in their care.  But as the Associated Press reports, some schools are taking the position that teenagers as young as 12 years old can ‘consent’ to sexual assault.

“The school told us it was the girls’ fault,” the grandmother said, lips curled, “that they wanted it.”

“She bristles at assertions that the girls were willing participants. The girls weren’t perfect, she said. They made mistakes just like anybody. But at 12 years old, they should have never been put in this position.”

“Why weren’t they supervised?” she said. “What will happen to other children?”


But a 12-year old cannot ‘consent’ to sex.  Schools have a responsibility to supervise and protect children.  This responsibility includes keeping track of where they are, and stopping a child from being coerced into entering a closet or bathroom where she is sexually assaulted.


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