Men Who Report Sexual Harassment Are Asked Why They Didn’t Fight Back

Men and boys also are victims of sexual harassment and abuse.  And, just as with female victims, men and boys are often reluctant to report or fight back due to the social stigma: “I consider myself a man’s man,” Oncale, who’s now 48, told BuzzFeed News. “My daddy raised...
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This Teen Said His Teammates Assaulted Him, Then His School Kept Their Punishment Secret

From BuzzFeed: In 2015, Tyler Miller says four boys who he considered close friends burst into his hotel room during an out-of-state school basketball tournament, pinned him down, and...
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What Steps Can Parents Take if Their Child Is the Victim of Sexual Assault

It can be devestating to hear from your child that she or he has been assaulted at school.  A child can be embarrassed to tell you what has happened...
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Why do schools protect teachers that have sexually assaulted or abused children?

Why do schools protect teachers that have sexually assaulted or abused children?  As the Boston Globe has reported: “The Globe Spotlight Team, as part of its ongoing investigation of...
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Public School Legal Immunities

Public schools have immunities under the law to being sued.  The law also often imposes a cap on a public school’s liability, even when a jury finds a school...
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The Cruel Application of Statutes of Limitations to Childhood Victims

Statutes of limitation can prevent a victim from bringing a legal claim for an assault that occurred years prior.  The application of statues of limitation to a childhood victim...
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A Culture of Secrecy Maintained by Expensive Defense Lawyers

As the New York Times reports: At some law firms, investigating sexual misconduct at prep schools has become a lucrative practice area, at a cost of as much as $2...
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Heroic Students Making a Difference

National Public Radio reports on students driving new polices as K-12 Sexual Assault Investigations Rise.   The article centers on a female student at a public high school who...
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A Twelve Year Old Cannot ‘Consent’ to Sex

Schools have a responsibility to protect children that are in their care.  But as the Associated Press reports, some schools are taking the position that teenagers as young as...
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When Sports Team ‘Hazing’ Is Actually Sexual Assault

Hazing in high school sports should not be ignored.  In some cases, hazing is just another word for sexual assault.  “Mischaracterized as hazing and bullying, the violence is so...
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