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A Sophisticated Plan Doesn't Always Prevent Problems

You might think that having a detailed, well thought out plan for your commercial construction project will prevent issues. You’ve planned for contingencies like weather or holidays. But any construction project can be derailed by defective work or non-payment for work performed. Those aren’t contingencies you can plan for, but if they happen, we can help.

A New House Doesn't Mean It's Perfect

Congratulations, your new home is finished! But, it’s not quite like it was supposed to be. Maybe they didn’t use the shingles you paid for or the flooring is poorly laid. No matter what the issue, you don’t need to put up with defects or bad quality. Contact us to help get your issues resolved quickly.

What is Eminent Domain?

There are times when the government will attempt to seize property without paying you for it. Maybe they’re building a new road that goes through your property or your land is part of a site that was chosen for a new public building. Just because they need that area does not mean they have the right to take or use your property without fair compensation. If you’ve been contacted about having your property seized under eminent domain, you need to contact us. We can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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