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Doctors have a legal obligation not to harm their patients. Yet many of them take advantage of their positions of trust to harm patients in the most egregious way imaginable: to sexually abuse them. If you or a loved one is a victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault by a doctor in Missouri, contact DRZ Law for a free consultation. This is a heinous crime that deserves justice. We can help you bring a civil lawsuit against the doctor and/or health care center for sexual misconduct as a team of experienced plaintiff’s attorneys.

How a Lawyer Can Help

  • Our Missouri sexual abuse attorneys have represented survivors in Missouri and Kansas for many years. We understand how these cases work and how to achieve the best possible results for clients.
  • Our law firm has a history of success. We are proud to say that we have a 100 percent case success rate for our sexual assault clients, with millions of dollars won.
  • We use a client-focused approach. We will listen to you, believe you and base our strategies on your legal goals. You can remain anonymous during your claim, if desired.

Examples of Sexual Abuse by a Medical Professional

Sexual abuse typically refers to a pattern of sexual assault rather than a single incident. Missouri’s definition of sexual abuse is to subject another person to sexual contact when the victim is incapacitated, incapable of consent or lacks the capacity to consent. It also refers to sexual activity with a victim by the use of forcible compulsion. The crime of sexual assault is a class C felony unless it involves a victim under the age of 14 or is an aggravated offense, in which case it is a class B felony.

Sexual abuse by a medical professional can refer to any type of sex crime committed by a licensed health care practitioner, typically against a patient. Examples include:

  • Exposure of the doctor’s genitals to a patient
  • Requiring a patient to undress in front of the doctor
  • Sexual harassment or discrimination
  • Inappropriate or unnecessary touching of the genitals or private parts
  • Inserting an ungloved finger into a patient’s vagina or anus
  • Inserting objects or body parts into a patient’s mouth, anus or vagina
  • Rape, attempted rape, drug-assisted rape or statutory rape

Doctors who commit sexual assault and abuse against their patients often do so under the guise of ordinary or necessary medical care. This can lead to victims not coming forward for many years. One of the most infamous examples of doctor sexual abuse in recent history is the case against George Tyndall, a former gynecologist employed at the University of Southern California’s student health care center from 1989 to 2016. In June 2019, the court granted a $1.1 billion settlement to compensate his victims.

When Can Institutions Be Held Liable for Doctor Sex Abuse?

It is often possible for a victim of doctor sexual abuse to file a lawsuit not only against the medical professional but the health care center or hospital. A legal doctrine known as vicarious liability holds employers, including health care centers, responsible for the actions of their employees while on the job. In addition, many health care centers are found guilty of concealing or ignoring complaints of sexual misconduct by their doctors. This can lead to the medical center being held accountable for patient sexual abuse.

Contact an Experienced Missouri Doctor Sexual Abuse Attorney Today

As a survivor of sexual abuse, sexual assault or other forms of sexual misconduct by your doctor or another medical professional in Missouri, you have legal rights. Bringing a civil lawsuit against your abuser or a medical center could lead to financial compensation for your losses. This includes intangible damages caused by the crime, such as your pain and suffering and psychological trauma.

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