Client reviews

“DRZ law firm has become more than lawyers to me and my family. They have become family.”

My wife and I was tormented with a message brought to us by our 2 year old son. We sought help from all the “right” sources and kept coming up short, with no true support or concern. We were made out to suspicious and even liars as we sought only to defend our son, as well as protect other parents and their children as well.

We learned much about the legal system which was very disappointing. Though the legal system, being as weak as it can be at times, (DRZ Law) fought valiantly to tell not only our story as torn parents, but the story of a 2 year child in which we took notice that our legal system does not value the report of young children at a certain age.

(DRZ law firm) gave us courage, strength, and confidence to face all the dirt, and smudge that was thrown at us, as we sought to be transparent, the other side took the advantage to smear us with lie after lie. Regardless, our lawyers were strong, and shielded us, explaining our story in such a way that anyone with a human heart of compassion would definitely receive.

Again, this law firm is more than professionals, they are kind hearted, understanding counselors with human hearts of compassion that seek to protect the weak and down trodden within the legal system, ensuring that what’s done in the dark, comes to light. Thank you, you’re in our family’s heart and life continually. Remain the valiant and concerned professionals that you are.

"It is great to have him in our corner as we continue to navigate a very legal-heavy business industry."

I have worked with Dan for several years, and he is a huge part of our overall legal team. It is great to have him in our corner as we continue to navigate a very legal-heavy business industry. Thanks Dan and Team!

“DRZ Law and Dan Zmijewski. Simply put they were a bright light in our darkest time as parents.”

When the Criminal Justice system failed us, and we felt alone in our fight for justice they took our case without hesitation, and fought for us as if it was their own family at stake. We now have a clear path of recovery. Whether you are facing an individual, a school, or a large business don’t fight it alone! Contact DRZ Law. I cannot state this enough.

“Dan Zmijewski guided us flawlessly through our first legal matter…”

…took time to explain every step of the process and got us a better than expected result. A kind person but a tenacious lawyer with a keen sense of right from wrong is what this world needs more of.

“Dan did a great job helping us resolve a dispute with a neighbor.”

His advice helped us understand our rights and the actions we could take to resolve the problems legally. He responded to each of our requests in a timely manner and his fee was definitely reasonable. Really appreciate the great service!

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