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DRZ Law’s Chris Dove on Kansas City Live

Chris Dove was on KSHB’s Kansas City Live to discuss his book Sexual Assault of Children in Schools and Organizations: A Response Handbook for Parents.

Cameron School District failed to protect boy from bullying

A mother is suing the Cameron School District after she says the district failed to protect her son from vicious bullying.

Kansas University Law Magazine Features Graduates Chris Dove, L’03, Dan Zmijewski, L’02

Standing up to bullies. Partners help ensure safe learning environment for students.

Kansas military school failed to supervise cadets

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — A Kansas military school failed to adequately supervise cadets entrusted to its care.

Boy sexually assaulted at Kansas military school wins judgment

As a current military man himself, the father thought that sending his 11-year-old son from Tennessee to St. John’s Military School in Salina would instill in him the kind of discipline the boy needed.

Missouri mother says extreme case of bullying nearly killed her son

Jessica Barker did not expect her son to be a victim. Alex was a student at Mid-Buchanan High School where he played football, wrestled and was a top student with a 4.6 GPA.

DRZ Law Represents Student vs St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy

CBS58 coverage of family’s claim that 12-year-old son was sexually assaulted in 2012 at St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy

Mid-Buchanan School district faces federal lawsuit

DRZ Law Firm filed a federal Title IX lawsuit against Mid-Buchanan County R-V School District for a mother alleging sexual assault and bullying against her son.

Family sues St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy after assault

Lax supervision at a private boarding school in Delafield led to the sexual assault of a 12-year-old boy by an older cadet during a summer camp session in 2012, a federal lawsuit claims.

Attorney: Teen Sexually Assaulted at Kansas Military School

A 15-year-old Texas boy was sexually assaulted this week by two other students at a Kansas military school, the family’s attorney said Friday.

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