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Child on Child Sexual Abuse: What You Should Know

When most people hear about child sexual abuse, they assume the crime is being committed by an adult. However, it is also possible for children to commit sex crimes against other children. Child on child sexual abuse is no less serious a crime than adult on child sexual abuse. It should be taken extremely seriously by teachers and parents – and may…

Why Do Institutions Cover Up Abuse?

In many sexual assault and abuse cases, victims are surprised to find that – rather than helping and protecting them – institutions ignore and conceal their complaints. Even heinous crimes such as child sexual abuse are often covered up by institutions, including schools and churches. Cover-ups can make it more difficult for survivors to come forward and speak out against their abusers….

What Qualifies as Sexual Violence?

Sexual violence is an umbrella term that encompasses many different sex crimes. It is a broad category of actions in which a perpetrator uses threats, intimidation, manipulation, restraint or a position of power to engage in sexual activity with a victim without the victim’s consent. If you are a survivor of sexual violence in Kansas, you have legal rights. You can pursue…

How to Identify Workplace Sexual Harassment

Being sexually harassed at work is something that no employee should ever have to tolerate. Sexual harassment can have a significant emotional, physical and financial impact on a victim. It is important to know how to identify workplace sexual harassment at your job, as well as what to do about it. If you are being sexually harassed, contact the attorneys at DRZ…

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