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Different Types of Bullying Parents Should Be Aware Of

Bullying is a significant problem that can lead to physical injuries and psychological harm to a victim. In today’s day and age, bullies are finding creative new ways to target, manipulate and harm their victims, such as through the use of technology. Being aware of the types of bullying that your child could potentially face can help you take prompt and appropriate…

How Can Sexual Abuse Affect Child Development?

Sexual abuse is one of the worst things imaginable to happen to a young and impressionable child. Studies have shown that sexual abuse does not only inflict short-term harm on a victim; it has lasting behavioral, emotional and psychological effects that can significantly impact child development and affect the victim for the rest of his or her life. Physical Effects Sexual abuse…

Teaching Your Child to Stand Up to Bullying

Bullying can refer to physical, verbal, emotional or social attacks against a victim, typically in a school setting. Bullying is not something that should be taken lightly. It has been connected to serious physical injuries, psychological harm, post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual assault and even suicide. Help put an end to bullying by teaching your child how to handle a bully. Seek Assistance…

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