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What Is Trauma-Informed Communication?

When someone has gone through something as traumatic as sexual abuse or assault, it is important for others to communicate with that person in a manner that is sensitive and sympathetic to what the victim has endured. Engaging correctly with a survivor of sexual trauma can help him or her navigate the difficult aftermath of abuse. Trauma-informed communication is a system for…

Long-Term Effects of Hazing

Hazing activities refer to dangerous and often abusive initiation rituals used for admission into a group, such as a sports team or fraternity or sorority. Despite being prohibited by most schools, hazing continues to take place secretly on thousands of campuses each year. The effects of hazing go far beyond basic bullying. Hazing can be psychologically detrimental, extremely physically harmful and even…

McLouth Unified Agrees to Pay $800,000 to Sexually Abused Student

A Kansas school district has agreed to settle with a former student, Haylee Weissenbach. Following her graduation, Weissenbach filed a federal lawsuit in 2020 for the district’s “deliberate indifference” in handling the sexual abuse from McLouth High School teacher, Anthony Kuckelman. With DRZ’s own Daniel Zmijewski’s representation, McLouth Unified School District agreed to pay $800,000 to the victim. Read the article from…

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