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What to Expect When Reporting a Sex Crime

If you become the victim of a sex crime in Kansas or Missouri, reporting the crime can have many benefits. It could lead to the perpetrator being taken into custody and held accountable. This can give you a measure of justice, as well as potentially protect others from becoming victims of the same perpetrator. The decision to report a sex crime to…

Is Indecent Exposure a Sex Crime in Missouri? 

Indecent exposure means to illegally expose one’s genitals to others in a public place, often for the purpose of offending victims or for sexual gratification. The laws against indecent exposure vary from state to state. In Missouri, indecent exposure is a sex crime that can come with serious penalties, especially if children are involved. Missouri’s Indecent Exposure Laws Missouri law does not…

Are There Sexting Laws in Kansas? 

“Sexting,” or sending and receiving sexually explicit text messages, has become common in the digital age. If someone sends you an unsolicited sext message, however, he or she has broken the law in Kansas. It is also against the law to circulate sexually explicit content to others without the subject’s permission or consent. As a victim of a violated sexting law in…

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