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How Can Pursuing Civil Litigation Help You Heal From Abuse?

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse or assault, you may wish to put it all behind you and set your sights only on the future. Many survivors find it difficult, however, to move forward without first closing the traumatic chapter of abuse in their lives. One of the most effective ways to find closure is by pursuing civil litigation against…

Signs That Your Child Is Being Hazed

Hazing is a dangerous practice that has existed in schools, universities, colleges, sports and clubs for many years. Despite organizations making pledges to stop and prevent hazing, it is unfortunately still a part of many group activities. Hazing can be extremely dangerous and endanger the lives of those who undergo abuse, assault and humiliation as part of a hazing ritual. As a…

Can Uber Be Held Liable If I Am Assaulted By a Driver?

From the very beginning of the rideshare industry, consumers have been concerned about the risk of sexual assault and violent crimes committed by Uber and Lyft drivers. These fears were confirmed after Uber made a pledge of transparency and began publishing annual reports identifying assault incidents. In its 2019-2020 U.S. Safety Report, Uber reported 998 incidents of sexual assault – even with…

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