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What to Do if You Have Been Sexually Assaulted by a Doctor in Kansas

No patient anticipates being sexually assaulted or taken advantage of by their doctor – the very person who is licensed to take care of them. Unfortunately, even medical professionals who have sworn an oath to uphold ethical standards are guilty of heinous crimes such as the sexual assault and abuse of patients. If you are a victim of sexual abuse by a…

Kansas Workplace Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace can disrupt more than just your ability to do your job. It is an emotionally distressing and harmful crime that can have a wide range of effects on a victim’s life. If you have experienced workplace sexual harassment in Kansas, you may be eligible for financial compensation by filing a claim against the offender as well as…

How Do Rape and Statutory Rape Differ?

Rape and statutory rape are both crimes in Kansas. They are equally severe and can both result in life-changing consequences for a perpetrator, including years in prison. They are different crimes on a legal level, however, that come with different elements of proof. In general, rape means sexual intercourse without consent, while statutory rape is sexual intercourse with a victim who is…

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