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sexual abuse & assault

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DRZ Releases Sexual Assault Response Handbook for Parents

Download DRZ Law’s Free Book for Parents and Victims of Sexual Assault As one of the few law firms nationwide to specialize in representing families of children who have been sexually assaulted, bullied and hazed, DRZ Law has published a free response handbook for parents on the critical issue of childhood sexual assault. Authored by partner Chris Dove, “Sexual Assault of Children in…

Public Schools Will Not Help Victims of Sexual Abuse

The Law Protects Public Schools That Won’t Take Action Against Sexual Abuse Under the law, public schools have certain immunities to lawsuits. The law also often imposes a cap on a public school’s liability, even when a jury finds a school responsible for harm to children. As the Associated Press reported in 2017: “The barriers are formidable, and can lead to long, grueling fights:…

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