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Many riders take Uber and Lyft because they assume it will be a safe ride home. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Rideshare sexual assault can turn a ride into a nightmare with lasting repercussions for the victim. If you or a loved one has suffered rideshare sexual assault or sexual abuse in Kansas, do not hesitate to contact DRZ Law for assistance. Our sexual assault attorneys will always believe you and stand by you and are here to help you seek justice. Call today for a free consultation with one of our compassionate and experienced sexual assault and personal injury lawyers.

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  • We are trial attorneys who are prepared to take on powerful rideshare companies and their insurance providers on your behalf.
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How a Kansas Rideshare Sexual Assault Lawyer Can Help You

Contacting a rideshare sexual assault lawyer in Kansas as soon as possible can allow you to begin building a claim early. Your attorney will listen to your story and believe you. If the law firm takes your case, it can begin a prompt investigation. Your lawyer will have a network of investigators and experts to utilize on your behalf.

A lawyer will search for evidence to prove the sexual assault claim against the perpetrator, such as medical records, the driver’s criminal record and background, previous complaints filed against the driver, eyewitness statements, and testimony from your friends and family. Your lawyer will also seek evidence to hold the rideshare company responsible for the actions of its driver, such as records kept by Uber or Lyft.

A law firm will build the strongest possible case against one or more parties while you focus on healing. You can trust your attorney to take care of challenging legal processes and pursue maximum financial compensation for you while you work to rebuild your life. Hiring the right attorney can give you the mental peace you need during this difficult time.

Uber and Lyft Sexual Assault Statistics

Sexual assault crimes in rideshare vehicles have been a problem since this mode of transportation started. After pressure from the public and safety organizations, Uber and Lyft finally began publishing safety reports with data regarding the number of sexual assault incidents and cases reported to the companies annually. Here is a breakdown of the most recent numbers:

  • From 2017 to 2019, Lyft reported a total of 4,158 sexual assault incidents.
  • The majority of sexual assaults were “non-consensual touching of a sexual body part.”
  • There were 10 fatal physical assaults reported by Lyft in these three years.
  • From 2017 to 2019, Uber reported 9,805 sexual assault incidents.
  • There were 20 fatal physical assaults reported by Uber from 2018 to 2019.

Rideshare sexual assault is a more prevalent problem than most people realize. Driver rating systems are not enough to hold dangerous drivers accountable. Lax driver hiring procedures and minimal background checks contribute to the rampant issue of sexual assault and other crimes committed by Uber and Lyft drivers.

What to Do After a Kansas Rideshare Sexual Assault

If you experience inappropriate touching, fondling, kissing, unwanted flirting, rape or attempted rape, or other examples of sexual misconduct in a rideshare vehicle such as Uber or Lyft, take immediate action to protect yourself. Call the police right away to report the crime. Get to a safe place where you can be surrounded by friends or family members. Have someone accompany you to the hospital for a sexual assault forensic exam. Going to a hospital can ensure you receive proper medical care as well as search for evidence on your person, such as the perpetrator’s DNA.

Next, report the crime to Uber or Lyft. Both platforms have online incident reporting tools, as well as customer service lines. Cooperate with any investigation conducted by the police or the rideshare company as much as you can. Then, when you are ready to pursue financial compensation for the sex crime committed against you, consult with a Kansas sexual assault attorney at DRZ Law. We are passionate about helping victims of rideshare sexual assault preserve their rights.

Your Legal Rights as a Rideshare Sexual Assault Survivor in Kansas

In a case of sexual assault, the offender could face both criminal and civil penalties. You can press criminal charges against the rideshare driver by cooperating with the police, which could result in a conviction and a sentence that includes jail time. You can also pursue a civil lawsuit or claim against your attacker. You have the right to seek justice through the civil system. A personal injury claim seeks financial compensation for your related pain and suffering, emotional distress, trauma, medical bills, counseling, and other expenses connected to the assault.

In a sexual assault claim involving Uber or Lyft, the rideshare company could be held liable for your losses. Rideshare companies have a legal duty to protect riders from crimes such as physical assault, sexual assault and kidnappings. If Uber or Lyft fails to fulfill this duty of care, it can be held responsible for the crimes of a driver. Your lawsuit for rideshare sexual assault could name both the individual perpetrator and the rideshare company as defendants in the pursuit of maximum financial compensation.

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Kansas Sexual Assault?

Kansas’s statute of limitations for sexual assault claims against children was recently expanded. Now, child sexual assault survivors have 10 extra years to file lawsuits – from their 21st birthdays to their 31st birthdays. There is also a three-year lookback window if the perpetrator is convicted of a crime. However, adult victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse have just two years to file a lawsuit from the date of the incident. You should not wait to file a claim; prompt legal action can lead to a stronger case, as there is likely to be more evidence available.

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