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Rape Victim Attorney in Kansas

Rape is incredibly traumatic for survivors. There are fewer crimes more heinous. It can be difficult to talk about rape, and even more so to come forward against a perpetrator. 

At DRZ Law, we are compassionate, experienced and dedicated rape victim lawyers in Kansas. We will do what it takes to give you a voice in the civil justice system while always putting your needs first. If you wish your identity to remain confidential, for example, we will ensure your anonymity. Please contact us today for further information. Initial consultations are free and private.

What Is the Legal Definition of Rape in Kansas?

Most states have similar definitions of rape and sexual assault. According to Kansas State Legislature Section 21-5503, the crime of rape is to knowingly engage in sexual intercourse with a victim who does not consent under any of the following circumstances: 

  • When overcome by force or fear
  • When unconscious or physically powerless
  • When mentally incapable of giving consent
  • When under 14 years of age
  • When consent was obtained through fraud or a knowing misrepresentation

Statutory rape is the crime of sexual intercourse with an individual who is under the age of consent – 16 in Kansas. Even if the individual willingly participated in the sexual activity, it is considered rape, as a child who is 15 or younger cannot give his or her consent.

When Can You Bring a Lawsuit Against an Institution for Rape?

As a rape victim in Kansas, you may assume that you only have the right to hold the person who sexually assaulted you accountable. However, you may have other legal options, depending on the circumstances. You may be able to file a civil lawsuit against an institution for harboring an abuser or failing to protect you from sexual assault. You may have a case against the following institutions for rape: 

Involving an institution in a rape case can help you achieve more complete justice and collect greater financial compensation. Although filing a lawsuit against an institution may seem daunting, it can be easier with a lawyer representing you.

Why Should You Trust DRZ Law With Your Case? 

Taking on institutions for their part in allowing a victim to be sexually assaulted is one of our specialties at DRZ Law. We represent clients in Kansas and throughout the country against many different types of institutions, big and small. If you trusted your safety or that of your child with an institution, you may be able to hold it accountable for acts of negligence that created an environment where rape could occur, such as protecting perpetrators, ignoring complaints, failing to supervise children and failing to maintain a safe premises. Our experienced lawyers advocate for rape victims, and are dedicated to empowering victims of institutional abuse and changing the system to prevent such crimes from happening again.

Consult With Our Compassionate Rape Victim Lawyers in Kansas Today

You do not have to suffer in silence as a rape survivor in Kansas. We are here to help you feel empowered and find your voice. Our lawyers will aggressively represent your interests during a civil case against an institution that allowed such a grave miscarriage of justice. We are well-versed in the physical and emotional traumas a rape victim suffers and offer respectful counsel to help you through this difficult time. Discuss how we can help you in more detail during a free and confidential case evaluation today. Contact our qualified rape victim layers online or call (913) 400-2033. 

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