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Medical practitioners are trusted professionals who have sworn an oath to uphold specific ethical standards in the care and treatment of patients. Sexual abuse by a doctor or medical professional is among the worst kinds of betrayal. It can leave victims with severe emotional and psychological trauma. At DRZ Law, our Kansas attorneys are knowledgeable about cases involving doctor sexual abuse, and passionate about protecting the rights of survivors. We can help you bring a lawsuit against a hospital or institution that turned a blind eye to complaints of doctor sexual abuse or knowingly protected a perpetrator. We offer free initial consultations that are always 100 percent confidential.

Why You Should Work With DRZ Law

  • We are highly successful trial attorneys who can take on any defendant, big or small, to demand justice for your pain and trauma. We have gone up against major insurance companies and institutions for past clients, including hospitals and medical centers in Kansas, and won.
  • We are a client-focused law firm. When you tell us your doctor sexual abuse story, we will believe you. Your lawyer will work closely with you to identify and accomplish your goals. If you want to remain anonymous during your case, we can protect your identity.
  • Our motivation to bring perpetrators to justice, paired with our resources and experience, translates into outstanding results for our clients. We are proud to say that we have a 100 percent success rate in getting financial settlements for our sexual abuse and assault clients.

What Does Sexual Abuse by a Doctor Look Like?

Medical professional sexual abuse typically involves a health care practitioner – a physician, nurse, physician’s assistant, OBGYN, dentist or therapist – abusing a position of power to take advantage of a patient for sexual purposes. It can often be difficult for a patient to differentiate between medically necessary actions and sexual assault, especially if a child has been groomed by a pediatrician or sports doctor for many years. The following are examples of actions and behaviors that are not normal for a doctor’s visit:

  • Asking a patient to undress in front of the doctor.
  • Refusing to allow someone else to stay in the room with the patient.
  • Not keeping the patient informed about what the doctor is doing.
  • Making the patient feel uncomfortable.
  • Giving inappropriate medical massages.
  • Taking inappropriate or unnecessary photographs of patients.
  • Performing unnecessary procedures during a physical evaluation.
  • Inserting ungloved fingers into the patient’s vagina or anus.
  • Placing an object into the vagina or anus.
  • Forcing the patient to engage in oral sex.
  • Raping or attempting to rape the patient during an exam.

Sexual abuse by a doctor often goes unreported for months or even years by victims. A high-profile example is Dr. Larry Nassar – the former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State doctor who was convicted of sexually abusing young gymnasts for decades. His victims stayed silent for so long for a variety of reasons, including fear of not being believed, and manipulation by Nassar that had led them to believe that the abuse was routine or medically necessary. Coming forward about doctor sexual abuse is difficult and can be overwhelming, but it can be critical for your future.

Can You Hold an Institution Liable for Sexual Abuse by Medical Professionals?

In a case involving sexual abuse by a medical professional, the institution the doctor worked for can often be held responsible in a civil lawsuit. An employer or institution can be vicariously liable for the actions of its employees, including health care providers. A health care center may also be held liable of its own accord, such as if it perpetuated abuse by hiding information about a sexual assault complaint or concealing the background of an abusive doctor. As the victim of doctor sexual abuse, you may be able to bring a lawsuit against the:

  • Doctor’s employer
  • Doctor’s office
  • Hospital or emergency room
  • Health care center
  • Clinic
  • School
  • College or university
  • Sports organization
  • US Olympics
  • USA Gymnastics

Taking legal action against not only the perpetrator but also the larger institution that failed to protect patients can help you and your family move forward. This type of lawsuit requires assistance from an experienced lawyer. You need an attorney who has gone up against powerful adversaries in the past and won. When a trusted institution fails to protect those who are vulnerable to abuse, such as patients who look to their doctors for proper care, an doctor sexual abuse attorney can take aggressive action to demand justice on your behalf.

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

If you are not sure whether you need to hire an attorney to handle your doctor sexual abuse case, compare the pros and cons. In general, going up against a doctor or medical facility is a daunting task, as hospitals have ample resources and aggressive legal teams to contest liability. These cases are not simple – especially for a victim who is already dealing with the emotional and psychological toll of sexual trauma. Hiring a lawyer to handle the legal process for you can come with many benefits, including:

  • Greater peace of mind during this difficult time.
  • The support that you need to heal and move forward.
  • Someone you can trust to give you sound legal advice and guidance.
  • An advocate to face the perpetrator or institution for you.
  • The preservation and collection of key evidence to support your claim.
  • A skilled and experienced professional negotiating a fair settlement.
  • Aggressive representation during a sexual abuse trial, if your case goes to court.

One of the only cons mentioned by clients who are reluctant to hire attorneys is the perceived cost of legal representation. We make high-quality legal services affordable at DRZ Law, however, by adjusting our fee arrangements based on the needs of the client. Our doctor sexual abuse attorneys can handle cases on a contingency fee basis or fee-based structure. Contingency fees mean you will only pay your lawyer if your case results in financial compensation. Our goal is to give every sexual abuse survivor in Kansas access to exceptional legal representation.

What Compensation Is Available?

Financial compensation is the very least that you deserve as a victim of doctor sexual abuse in Kansas. No amount of money can ever make up for the terrible crimes you have lived through or the effects they have had on your life. A fair and full monetary recovery, however, could relieve you and your family of financial stress and enable you to pay for the care that you need, such as seeing a therapist or taking prescription medications to cope with what you experienced.

As a doctor sexual abuse victim in Kansas, you could be eligible for the following types of financial compensation:

  • Past and future necessary medical costs
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • Therapies, counseling and support
  • Losses of income
  • Relocation costs
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Legal costs and attorney’s fees
  • Diminished quality or enjoyment of life
  • Emotional suffering and mental anguish
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

In some sexual assault and abuse cases in Kansas, the courts also award punitive damages. This type of award serves to punish the defendant rather than reimburse a victim. Punitive damages are often granted to set an example and deter others in the community from engaging in the same misconduct in the future. Before you accept a settlement offer from an insurance company, discuss the value of your doctor sexual abuse case with our attorneys.

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