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Boarding School Sexual Abuse Attorney in Kansas

Sending your child to boarding school should not threaten your child’s physical or psychological well-being with sexual abuse or assault. Sadly, boarding schools are known to harbor abusers and fail to properly protect students in their care. At DRZ Law, we have the resources, experience and knowledge of institutional abuse to help you with a boarding school sexual assault case in Kansas. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation, where we can discuss your case and rights in more detail.

Boarding Schools Protect Teachers Who Have Sexually Abused Children

Kansas is home to many boarding schools, here is a database of all of them. Children who attend boarding schools live on campus during the academic year and do not often see their parents. Unfortunately, these circumstances can increase the chances of a student suffering sexual assault or abuse. Boarding schools often allow teachers unfettered access to students living at the institution, failing to supervise the children in their care. Abusers may live with them or near them. In addition, there may not be anyone close to the student who can detect the possible signs of sexual abuse 

Further increasing the odds of boarding school sexual assault is the fact that many schools knowingly harbor and protect child abusers. Boarding schools may intentionally hide information about what happened, such as complaints filed by a victim, to protect their reputation or assets. A boarding school may continue to allow the children in its care to be harmed by known abusers rather than taking accountability. For example, rather than taking remedial action and reporting an abuser, a school may simply transfer the teacher to a different school to continue working with children – often with a recommendation letter in hand.

You Can Fight Back With the Right Boarding School Sexual Assault Lawyer 

A child’s safety at a boarding school should be paramount to the institution. Yet history shows that the practice of protecting known sexual predators is a common one in private school settings – especially at boarding schools, where children live on campus. If allegations of teacher sexual assault do arise at a boarding school, its administrators are likely to claim legal immunity. Your family needs the right law firm to work around this argument and demand justice.

Going up against an institution for student sexual abuse is a legal specialty. A general personal injury lawyer will not have the knowledge or experience in this area of law to protect your child or bring a strong claim against the boarding school. The qualified team at DRZ Law, on the other hand, has dedicated its practice to going up against institutions. We empower survivors of abuse and their families and push to change the system so that sex crimes against students do not happen again.

Our law firm has the resources and personnel to not only get around claims of legal immunity and hold a boarding school in Kansas accountable, but to help your child heal, as well. Our lawyers understand this complex area of the law and have extensive experience representing the parents of children who have been sexually abused, assaulted and bullied while in the care of trusted boarding schools. We can help if your child was assaulted by a teacher, school administrator, janitor, sports coach, volunteer or a fellow student.

Damages Available for Boarding School Sexual Abuse 

Your family can get the justice and answers that you deserve by holding a boarding school accountable for child sexual assault with assistance from our attorneys. While the criminal courts will administer penalties against an abuser, the civil courts deliver justice in the form of financial compensation (damages) awarded to a survivor and his or her family. You may be eligible for damages for the victim’s physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, psychological trauma, medical expenses, legal fees, and more.

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At DRZ Law, have a team of lawyers that specialize in boarding school sexual assault cases. We have secured positive results and obtained compensation for 100 percent of our sexual assault clients. Our Kansas City law firm has powerful resources and years of experience to build a strong case against a boarding school on your behalf. Request a free, confidential case consultation in Kansas today. Our lawyers are here to listen to your story and believe you. Call (913) 400-2033 or send us a secure message.

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