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Colleges and universities are common settings for sexual assault, harassment, violence, exploitation and abuse. From teacher sexual abuse to assaults by fellow students, a student at a college or university in Kansas may become the victim of many types of sexual offenses. At DRZ Law, we have the resources to go up against these colleges and universities in pursuit of justice for sexual assault survivors, so request your free case evaluation today. 

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  • Our college and university sexual abuse lawyers have more than two decades of experience representing victims and their families in lawsuits against institutions.
  • We have helped recover compensation for 100 percent of our sexual assault clients. Our attorneys have won millions of dollars on behalf of past clients.
  • Our law firm specializes in this practice area. We have gone up against many schools, colleges and universities in Kansas during sexual violence cases and won.
  • You will be our top priority. We will adapt to your needs, including keeping your identity confidential during your case if desired. Our main goal is to help you move forward.

What Is College/University Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault or abuse means to touch or interact with a victim in a sexual manner without the victim’s consent. Sexual assault can take place in a college or university between a teacher and a student, two students, or a student and a stranger on campus. College sexual assault victims can be male or female, although females are statistically more likely to be victimized. Examples of sex crimes at a college campus include: 

  • Sexual touching or molestation
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual violence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sex discrimination
  • Dating violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual bullying or hazing
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Campus housing sexual assault
  • Off-campus sexual assault
  • Alcohol-related sexual assault
  • Drug-involved rape (date rape)

College campuses are frequent settings for sex crimes due to risk factors such as alcohol and drug use, students living together in dorm buildings, and bullying and hazing rituals. College sexual assault may occur in classrooms, laboratories, parking lots, dorm rooms, fraternity or sorority houses, gyms, locker rooms, or clinics. 

Facts and Information About Kansas Colleges and Universities

Kansas has many options for those who wish to further their education. Kansas currently has 19 public community colleges, 6 state universities, 6 technical schools, 5 technical colleges and 1 municipal university. Combined, colleges and universities in Kansas enroll some 180,000 students. Here are some facts about the top three colleges in Kansas:

  • Kansas State University. Ranked the #1 college in Kansas, Kansas State University currently has close to 14,500 students and an 18:1 student to faculty ratio.
  • The University of Kansas. Ranked the second-best college in Kansas, the University of Kansas has over 19,000 students and a 17:1 student to faculty ratio.
  • Johnson County Community College. Ranked the third-best college in Kansas, Johnson County Community College has under 5,000 students and a 17:1 student to faculty ratio.

All three of these colleges have rules in place to prevent sexual abuse and assault. Their student handbooks say that they are committed to protecting their students. Yet each year, dozens of claims are brought by college and university students in Kansas who were let down by the system. If you are one of them, help is available at DRZ Law.

Colleges and Universities in Kansas Protect Abusers Instead of Students

College and university sexual assault is prevalent due in part to the failure of most institutions to protect their students. Schools often fail to take disciplinary action when they receive sexual assault claims, for example, and mishandle sexual assault reports. This shows perpetrators that they can get away with committing these crimes, and victims that the school would rather protect its reputation than the student body. 

One of the most alarming failures in the educational system is the failure to report incidents of sexual assault or abuse. Colleges and universities in Kansas may cover up sexual assault allegations to protect their own reputations or assets. For instance, schools have been known to harbor sexual predators and respond to sexual assault allegations by simply transferring them to other schools rather than reporting the crime and taking remedial action. Colleges have made it clear that their priorities do not lie with student health or safety.

How to Take on a College or University for Sexual Assault

Victims of college sexual assault can pursue disciplinary action against the perpetrator through their college or university. They can also report the crime to local law enforcement so that a prosecutor can take legal action against the perpetrator. Yet a criminal case against the abuser will not hold the school or institution that allowed the abuse to occur accountable. As a survivor of college sexual abuse or the parent of an abused child, you have the right to hold the educational institution you trusted accountable for failing to protect its students.

You can bring a civil cause of action against a college or university in Kansas with assistance from the team at DRZ Law. Our university sexual assault lawyers are dedicated to holding institutions responsible for permitting students in their care to be harmed by sexual predators. We know how to go up against powerful institutions – including public and private schools –who claim legal immunity. We can work around this and help victims get the justice that they deserve. We are committed both to helping our clients heal and changing the system so that college sexual abuse does not happen again.

If you wish to bring a civil claim against a Kansas college or university, act as quickly as possible. Kansas has a legal deadline, called the statute of limitations, of just three years from the date that the victim turns 18 to file a claim. This is one of the shortest time limits on child sexual abuse lawsuits in the country. A lawyer can help you file the required paperwork and initiate a civil action against a college before the deadline. Then, a lawyer can guide you through the legal process in pursuit of answers, accountability and fair financial compensation.

What to Do if You Get Sexually Abused at College 

 Being sexually assaulted or abused is a devastating trauma that can be difficult to cope with, both in the immediate sense and in the long term. There are steps that you should take right away after being targeted for a sex crime on campus at your college or university to protect yourself physically, legally and emotionally. If you can, here’s what to do:

  1. Ensure your safety first. Get to a safe location on campus, preferably with other people around to support and help you. If you’re in immediate danger, call 911. You can also call your campus’s security team (785-864-5900 at the University of Kansas).
  2. Get support from friends and family. Connect with someone you trust for emotional support. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to a friend or loved one, get counseling through your school or a 24-hour sexual assault hotline. It’s important to get support after sexual trauma.
  3. Seek professional medical care. While it’s understandable that survivors of sexual assault and rape are often reluctant to get medical care, this is an important step; especially in the first 72 hours when a doctor can collect DNA and other evidence against the perpetrator. Medical attention can address your physical and psychological needs.
  4. Report the abuse. Report the sexual assault to officials at your college or university as soon as possible. Even if you don’t plan on pressing criminal charges, your school needs to know about the incident. If you do wish to file charges for rape or sexual assault, reporting it to campus officials can help.
  5. Contact a sexual assault lawyer for assistance. You have legal rights as a survivor of college or university sexual assault in Kansas. Consult with a top sexual assault attorney in your city to learn about your rights and how a legal team can help.

You aren’t alone as a survivor of sexual assault or abuse at college. No matter what you’re feeling, your reaction is valid, and you deserve help and support. While it can be difficult to come forward, telling your story and surrounding yourself with a support system are essential for your mental and physical well-being. Then, when you’re ready, a lawyer can help you seek justice and hold someone – including your school – accountable for the trauma that you endured.

Kansas Resources for College Sexual Assault 

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If you or someone you love is a victim of sexual abuse at a college or university in Kansas, you have legal rights. Coming forward with your story can be a frightening prospect, but it can have outstanding rewards. You can fight for justice, closure and accountability for the crimes committed against you or your child, and push for changes on an institutional level – potentially making schools in Kansas safer environments for future students.

You do not have to bring a college sexual assault lawsuit alone. The lawyers at DRZ Law can help you using powerful legal resources and compassionate counsel. Speak to one of our college sexual assault attorneys about your rights during a confidential and free case evaluation today. Contact us at (913) 400-2033 or through our online query form to request a meeting. We will make sure that you and your family have everything you need to make it through this difficult time.

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