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YMCA Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Kansas

The YMCA is advertised as an organization that empowers young people to reach their full potential by giving them the opportunity to become healthy, secure and confident members of their communities. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. For some, the Y is a place where unspeakable sex crimes are committed against innocent children. 

If you or your child is a survivor of YMCA sexual abuse or assault, contact the compassionate attorneys at DRZ Law today. We offer free and confidential case reviews in Kansas.

The YMCA Has a Long, Dark History of Endangering Youth 

The YMCA may appear committed to protecting children from sexual abuse, but this is a far cry from what many kids actually experience at local facilities. Over the years, dozens of claims of sexual assault have been filed against the Y, pointing to persistent problems in how this organization operates. The YMCA may be guilty of many negligent acts that foster dangerous environments for vulnerable children instead of protecting them, including:

  • Failing to implement measures to protect children from sexual abuse.
  • Failing to supervise children in its care.
  • Failing to have video monitoring or other supervision methods.
  • Negligently hiring sexual predators.
  • Not having adequate training for employees and volunteers.
  • Keeping quiet about claims of sexual assault.
  • Dismissing or ignoring complaints.
  • Taking no action to stop an abuser or address abuse.
  • Continuing to allow sexual predators access to children.

These failures and shortcomings can lead to lawsuits being brought against the YMCA for child sexual abuse. The Y may be held directly liable (financially responsible) for its own negligence or vicariously liable for the crimes of its employees. While a criminal case against a sexual predator can bring an individual to justice, a lawsuit against the YMCA as an organization is the only way to institute change on a broader scale.

How to File a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against the YMCA in Kansas

Filing a lawsuit against an institution for the sexual abuse or assault of an innocent child can provide a family with greater closure, justice and accountability than a case against a perpetrator alone. It can lead to a higher settlement or verdict, as an institution will generally have more insurance coverage than an individual. More importantly, it can shed light on dangerous practices by a trusted organization and push for changes on an institutional level that may prevent such crimes from happening in the future. 

If your family wishes to bring a sexual abuse lawsuit against a YMCA facility in Kansas, the first step is finding an experienced sexual abuse attorney to represent you. Lawsuits filed for institutional abuse are complicated. This is a legal specialty at DRZ Law. We know how to build strong claims against powerful adversaries such as the YMCA and other national youth organizations on behalf of our clients. We are passionate about advocating for victims of sexual abuse and seeking justice against institutions that failed to protect them. 

With assistance from our attorneys, who specialize in YMCA-related sexual abuse cases, you can file the paperwork to bring a lawsuit against the YMCA within your state deadline in Kansas. The deadline (known as the statute of limitations) is three years from when the child victim turns 18, for the most part. If you are already an adult when you realize that you have suffered an injury or mental health condition because of child sexual abuse, you will have three years from the date of discovery.

Consult With a YMCA Sexual Abuse Attorney for Free Today

 While the YMCA is not all bad, there are significant issues in how this organization operates – putting vulnerable youth at risk of sexual abuse, assault, misconduct and violence. If you or your child is a victim of any type of sex crime at a YMCA facility in Kansas, contact the sexual abuse lawyers at DRZ Law for help. We are compassionate local lawyers who advocate for the rights of sexual abuse survivors. Please call (913) 400-2033 or send us a secure message online to request your free case evaluation today. We believe survivors.

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