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Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports Lawyer in Kansas

It is a sad reality that the world of youth sports is plagued with sexual predators who prey on vulnerable child athletes. If your child participates in any type of sport, athletic program or recreational activity in Kansas, they may be at risk of being sexually abused or assaulted by a coach or another adult in a position of authority. 

If you have reason to suspect that your child has been sexually abused in youth sports, contact the attorneys at DRZ Law right away for a free case evaluation. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping parents pursue justice against perpetrators and institutions that fail to protect children in their care. We can guide your family through the recovery process during this difficult time.

Most Common Youth Sports for Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse refers to the crime of engaging in sexual activities with a child. In Kansas, the legal age of consent is 16. This means that no child under the age of 16 has the legal capacity to give his or her consent to sexual activity. Many different types of sex acts against a child who is involved in youth sports can constitute sexual abuse or assault, from kissing and fondling to penetration and rape. A child of any age or gender can suffer from sexual abuse, but female athletes are statistically more likely to be targeted by perpetrators.

Child sexual abuse can happen in any type of youth sport, including: 

  • Gymnastics 
  • Figure skating
  • Swimming
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Wrestling

Recently, gymnastics as a youth sport has been in the news for notorious cases of sexual assault, particularly by former USA Gymnastics doctor, Larry Nassar. Nassar used his position of authority as a renowned gymnasts’ physician to take advantage of young girls and sexually assault them under the guise of medical care, more information about the crimes he committed can be found here. Unfortunately, this is just one example of many cases of sexual abuse in youth sports. There is a wide spectrum of abuse that takes place, and our child sexual abuse and rape victim attorneys in Kansas can help you navigate your case. 

Children Are Especially Vulnerable to Abuse and Sexual Misconduct in Youth Sports 

Young children are susceptible to sexual assault in many different scenarios. Youth sports, however, have many risk factors that can increase the risk of sex crimes against children. Many kids will do anything to impress their coaches, for example, and may not question what a coach says is normal or necessary to succeed in a sport. There are many other reasons why youth sports can put a child in danger of sexual abuse, as well:

  • Coaches grooming child athletes from an earlier age
  • Required medical exams and school clinics
  • Physical therapy and injury rehabilitation sessions
  • Private training or lessons
  • Locker rooms and other unsupervised settings
  • Away-from-home games and events
  • Sports culture of secrecy and rituals
  • Intimidation, dominance and the imbalance of power
  • Hazing or bullying on a sports team

Child sexual abuse is common in youth sports in part because of institutions that cover up complaints and fail to report coach misconduct. Schools, athletic teams, gyms and other organizations may also fail to properly supervise kids in their care. They may allow coaches unsupervised access to student athletes, for instance, or fail to have proper adult supervision on out-of-town sports trips. Negligence on the part of an institution can increase the risk of youth sports sexual abuse.

Possible Defendants in a Civil Lawsuit for Youth Sports Sexual Abuse

As the parent of a victim of child sexual abuse, you have the right to bring a civil lawsuit against one or more parties in pursuit of justice and financial compensation. While you may wish to bring a lawsuit against the individual perpetrator, you may also be able to hold a larger institution accountable for failing to keep your child safe. Filing a lawsuit for institutional abuse can result in more well-rounded justice for your child, greater financial compensation for your losses and changes to the system – so that child sexual abuse does not happen again.

In a lawsuit filed for youth sports sexual abuse, you may be able to bring a lawsuit against a:

  • Public or private school
  • School district
  • College or university
  • Athletic team
  • Gymnasium
  • USA Gymnastics
  • US Olympics

Any institution that had a duty to protect your child from sexual abuse by trainers, coaches, volunteers and other authorities at the organization, but failed to fulfill this duty, could be named as a defendant in your civil lawsuit. It is important to find an attorney who understands these cases and has experience going up against institutions for child sexual abuse. A general personal injury lawyer will not have the knowledge or skill to properly handle your case. DRZ Law has dedicated its practice to taking on institutions that harbor abusers.

Why DRZ Law Is the Right Law Firm for Your Youth Sports Sexual Abuse Case  

At DRZ Law, we have spent more than 20 years going up against institutions of all types and sizes on behalf of sexual abuse victims and their parents. We are extremely familiar with this area of the law and know what it takes to build a strong claim to damages against a school, sports program or another major organization. Our lawyers specialize in sexual abuse in youth sport cases, and have obtained millions of dollars in past case results and collected financial compensation for 100 percent of our sexual assault clients.

We are here to empower victims when they feel powerless. Our lawyers will give your family a voice in the civil justice system and demand accountability against a youth sports program, while also making sure that the victim has everything he or she needs to heal. Our law firm is passionate about changing the system so that institutional abuse – including youth sports sexual abuse – comes to an end. We can go up against a school, the government, a sports team or another organization, even if it claims legal immunity.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports Lawyer Today

Child sexual abuse in youth sports is an abominable crime that can be difficult to wrap your head around. If you are a survivor or the parent of a sexual abuse victim, know that you are not alone. The attorneys at DRZ Law can guide you through the legal process while also aiding in your recovery journey. We understand the emotional harm a victim suffers from sexual trauma and will make sure that you have everything you need during this difficult time. For more information about obtaining a lawyer for youth sports sexual abuse, contact us today.

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