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Sexual Abuse on School Bus Attorney in Kansas

Every day, thousands of parents in Kansas put their children on school buses and watch them depart, not thinking that they could be at risk of being sexually assaulted. Inattentive bus drivers, however, may fail to notice sexual misconduct in the back of the bus, or the school itself may fail to implement protocols to prevent sexual abuse, such as assigned seating. 

At DRZ Law, our lawyers can help if your child has been sexually abused while on a school bus in Kansas. Our attorneys understand this delicate practice area and the emotional trauma that comes with sexual assault. We know what it takes to go up against a school, school district or another institution on behalf of victims, as well as how to help victims heal. Please contact our sexual abuse lawyers today, we specialize in school bus-related cases and offer free, confidential case evaluation to learn more.

Lack of Supervision Can Lead to Sexual Abuse on School Bus

One of the main elements involved in most school bus sexual assault cases is a lack of adult supervision. School bus drivers are responsible for watching over children in their care, such as by using the rearview mirror to look for signs of student-against-student misconduct. If the bus driver does not properly supervise students, it can invite serious sex crimes, such as molestation or rape. If a student on a bus is causing problems, the school has a responsibility to intervene, as well, such as by assigning another employee to the bus for extra supervision, changing the assigned seating on the bus, or suspending or expelling the perpetrator.

Holding a School or School District Responsible for Sexual Abuse on a School Bus

 If you find out that your child was a victim of sexual violence or harassment while on a school bus, your first instinct may be to hold the individual perpetrator accountable. While pressing charges against a student – or a teacher, parent or volunteer on a school field trip – for school bus sexual abuse can deliver justice against the individual, it will not hold the larger institution responsible for its part in allowing your child to be harmed.

A civil lawsuit against a school or school district, on the other hand, can shed light on issues within the system that allow sexual abuse to take place – or even foster an environment for sexual misconduct. Schools are often guilty of protecting abusers and perpetrators rather than their students, for example. They may bury sexual assault complaints against other students instead of reporting them to the proper authorities. Even if the school had no prior knowledge of a perpetrator’s sexual misconduct, it may have been negligent in protecting students who ride the bus.

There are steps that a school should take to ensure the safety and welfare of students who take the bus. Buses should not present dangerous or toxic environments where anything goes, and where the bus driver does not do his or her part to properly supervise students and ensure order. If a school fails to maintain safe environments for students on a school bus, it could be held responsible for the sexual abuse of a victim. Bringing a claim against an institution may require assistance from a lawyer with experience in school bus sexual abuse cases.

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