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Sexual Abuse by Another Student Attorney in Kansas

It is a topic that no parent wishes to talk about. The idea that students at a child’s school could commit heinous sex crimes against another student is troubling and unnerving. Yet it is happening in schools all over the country, including in Kansas. Students sexually harassing, assaulting and raping other students is occurring with alarming frequency in grades of all levels, from kindergarten to college.

If your child is sexually abused by another student, the experienced child sexual abuse lawyers at DRZ Law can help you seek justice. We are dedicated and compassionate lawyers with a long history of helping students and parents seek justice for sexual offenses. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Who Might Be Liable for Sexual Abuse by Another Student in Kansas?

After learning that another student at your child’s school has sexually abused or assaulted your child, you may wish to hold the student accountable – and rightfully so. We can help you press charges against a minor or adult student for sexually abusing your child. Cooperating with the police can lead to criminal charges against the individual, exposing him or her for sexual misconduct. Only seeking justice against the individual perpetrator, however, does not address the larger issue – the fact that your child’s school allowed the sexual abuse to happen.

At DRZ Law, we believe in seeking true justice. Our lawyers have dedicated our practice to empowering victims of child sexual abuse to go up against the institutions that promised to protect them. If a school or college failed to protect students and prevent sexual abuse from another student, our attorneys believe that the institution should be held legally responsible (liable) for sexual crimes. Holding a school or school district liable for student-on-student sexual abuse can push for changes on an institutional level. We can help parents change the system so that abuse does not happen again.

Lack of Student Supervision Encourages Sexual Assault on Campus 

One of the most common issues that we see brought up in student sexual abuse cases in Kansas is a school’s failure to supervise. School administrators, teachers, coaches and other adults at a school are responsible for properly supervising students at all times. Failing to watch over a child can increase the risk of him or her being victimized by an abuser. An older child may recognize that no one is watching and take advantage of the lack of supervision to commit sexual assault. Lack of supervision in a school setting can lead to student-against-student sexual assault in the following locations:

  • Bathrooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Gymnasiums
  • Bleachers 
  • Playgrounds 
  • Sports teams
  • Empty classrooms
  • Janitor’s closets
  • School Buses
  • Field trips

If a teacher’s failure to supervise your child contributed to the sex crimes committed against him or her, you may have the right to hold the school or school district vicariously liable. As employers, school districts are responsible for the shortcomings of school teachers and other employees. This means you can file a lawsuit against the school district (or the school, if it is a private school) for someone who didn’t supervise a child.

Failure to Investigate Complaints Condones Sexual Abuse and Harassment 

Another prominent issue is a school’s failure to investigate sexual assault complaints. A school turning a blind eye to complaints of student misconduct, sexual assault, bullying, hazing, body shaming, harassment or discrimination creates a culture that caters to abusers and abandons victims. It teaches students that there are no consequences for sexually assaulting others; that they can get away with committing these crimes against fellow students. It also shows victims that there is no point in coming forward, as it will not lead to school administrators doing anything about it.

It is a legal requirement for teachers, guidance counselors and other mandated reporters to report claims of sexual assault or sexual violence to the authorities. Yet there are hundreds of examples of schools sweeping complaints under the rug and other parents protecting students who commit these crimes against their peers. As the parent of a child who has been sexually abused by another student in Kansas, it may be up to you to speak up and take legal action against a school district for failing to properly report or investigate a complaint.

How Can a Student-on-Student Sexual Abuse Attorney Help? 

Filing a civil lawsuit against a school, school district or educational institution can shed light on dark things that are happening at your child’s school. It could lead to changes within the school district to improve the safety of other students, such as better reporting protocols or increased student supervision. Going up against an institution such as a school district in Kansas is no easy feat. You may need assistance from an experienced child sexual abuse lawyer to state your case and get results. 

The lawyers at DRZ Law have successfully helped clients collect millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. We have extensive courtroom experience specific to childhood sexual assault and trauma. Our lawyers were trained in large, international law firms and worked for the U.S. Department of Justice. Now, we’ve turned our attention to helping sexual assault victims – including victims of sexual abuse by other students. Our lawyers understand what it takes to go up against institutions that harbor abusers and hide sexual assault claims. We can help you fight back.

As your legal representatives, we will help your family heal, such as connecting your child to a therapist who can enable your child to cope in healthy ways. Then, we will thoroughly investigate the sexual abuse incident to collect information and evidence that we can use to build a civil claim against one or more parties. Our attorneys will believe the victim, not blame them. Since our lawyers specialize in sexual abuse cases by another student, we are able to walk your family through the entire legal process from beginning to end. We will always put your needs and goals first while we fight for justice on your behalf.

Contact a Child Sexual Abuse Attorney in Kansas for Assistance Today

Student-on-student sexual assault is much more common than most parents think. Schools in Kansas often fail to prevent and eliminate sexual harassment and abuse, such as by refusing to acknowledge that these problems exist. If your child has suffered sexual attacks from another student at his or her school, discuss your legal rights with an attorney at DRZ Law during a free and confidential case review. Our lawyers can help you and your family demand justice and accountability.

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