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Physical Abuse by Coach Attorney in Kansas

No athlete of any level is safe from an abusive coach. From children and recreational players to Olympic-level competitors, athletes of all types have filed physical abuse lawsuits against coaches, trainers and sports directors. Physical, emotional or sexual abuse by a coach can cause extreme harm to victims. If you or a loved one has been impacted by coach misconduct in Kansas, contact DRZ Law for assistance. Our attorneys can help you pursue justice.

Examples of Physical and Emotional Abuse by an Athletic Coach

Sports coaches and athletic directors are meant to encourage players to be the best that they can be with physical training techniques and positive reinforcement. While it is not against the law for a coach to use harsher methods to get results, when coaching crosses the line into abuse, parents can step in – and even file lawsuits in Kansas. Physical and emotional abuse by a coach should not be tolerated, win or lose. No game or athletic feat is worth destroying a player’s physical, psychological or emotional well-being. 

Examples of unacceptable coaching behaviors include:

  • Hitting or kicking an athlete
  • Pushing an athlete too hard during training
  • Forcing someone to play through an injury
  • Cruel and unusual punishment
  • Withholding food, water or rest
  • Using emotionally abusive language
  • Berating or humiliating an athlete
  • Harassing or discriminating against a player
  • Using intimidation or threats
  • Sexually abusing a player

Any behavior that meets the definition of abuse is against the law, no matter what excuse the coach gives about his or her technique or “recipe for success.” Many coaches groom athletes from a young age, such as by making them feel special or promising to get them to elite levels in their careers. Parents should be wary of any coach that tries to spend alone time with a child, buys him or her gifts, or mistreats a player as a form of coaching.

The Effects of Sports Abuse on a Victim

Physical and emotional abuse by a coach can have devastating consequences for an athlete. An abusive coach can not only ruin a player’s chance to excel at his or her sport but cause much more significant harm, as well. An athlete who is victimized by an abusive coach can suffer:

As a parent, you may be able to detect signs of child abuse by a coach. Physical and emotional abuse can result in bruising or physical marks, a change in the victim’s personality or behaviors, sudden weight gain or weight loss, withdrawal from your child’s favorite activities, and fear or anxiety about going to practice or games.

Do Not Tolerate Abusive Coaching in Sports – Take Action With Help From an Attorney 

If you believe that your child is a victim of physical abuse by a coach, the first step in seeking justice is finding an attorney with the ability to handle your case. Abusive coaching will most likely give you the right to file a lawsuit against the establishment that hired the coach, such as a school, gym or sports organization. Rather than going up against an institution alone, trust DRZ Law with your case.

Many institutions use a number of tactics to hide information about incidents of abuse and avoid liability. A lawyer who is not familiar with this practice area will not have the resources or knowledge to fight back. DRZ Law has dedicated our practice to empowering victims of institutional abuse. This includes going up against schools and sports organizations to fight back against abusive coaches.

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