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Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorney in Kansas

Going to work should not put you in danger of being sexually harassed by a coworker, supervisor, manager or customer. Yet this is exactly the problem that hundreds of workers in Kansas experience. Workplace sexual harassment is a pervasive problem throughout the nation that can interfere with an employee’s ability to work, as well as cause emotional distress and psychological trauma. 

If you are a victim of sexual harassment at work, it is important to protect yourself with an aggressive Kansas sexual harassment lawyer. The right sexual assault attorney in Kansas can help you go up against your employer in pursuit of justice and fair financial compensation for sexual harassment. Contact DRZ Law today, we offer years of practice-area experience and compassionate advocacy.

What Is Workplace Sexual Harassment?

 According to federal law, sexual harassment is any adverse action or behavior taken against someone because of the person’s sex. There are state and federal laws against sexual harassment and discrimination. Yet harassment based on sex remains an issue at many workplaces in Kansas. Sexual harassment can take many shapes and forms in an office or another work environment, including:

  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment, or “this for that”
  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Unwelcome sexual advances
  • Touching a worker inappropriately
  • Threatening the victim’s career if he or she does not consent to sexual activity
  • Making inappropriate jokes or sexual innuendos
  • Commenting or remarking on a worker’s appearance
  • Sending a worker unsolicited sexual images, links or videos
  • Posting sexually offensive content around the office
  • Threatening, intimidating or physically harming an employee
  • Creating a hostile work environment for the employee

Sexual harassment can be physical, verbal, visual or psychological. Anyone can become a victim of workplace sexual harassment – both men and women. The perpetrators can be anyone from upper-level associates to customers. Sexual harassment at work can have short-term and long-term effects on a victim, including physical injuries, emotional stress, mental anguish, psychological trauma, decreased self-esteem, reduced quality of life, anxiety and depression. If you are a victim of workplace sexual harassment, contact our attorneys because you have legal rights.

What to Do if You’re Being Sexually Harassed at Work

 If you are suffering from any type of sexual harassment in your workplace, there are steps that you can take to protect yourself. Taking prompt action against a perpetrator can protect you from further abuse, as well as potentially protect others in the office from similar harm in the future. Here’s what you should do as a victim of workplace sexual harassment:

  1. Talk to the harasser. It is possible that the individual does not realize that his or her actions are inappropriate, offensive or harmful. If you feel safe and comfortable doing so, tell the person that their behavior is unwelcome.
  2. Report it to management. If talking to the harasser does not work, go to management to file an official complaint against the individual. Make a note of who you spoke to and how they handled your complaint.
  3. Document the incident. Write down what happened in as much detail as possible. Include the date, time and location of each incident, as well as the names of everyone involved and any witnesses.
  4. Go to the EEOC. Report sexual harassment to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) if your employer does nothing to remedy the issue. The EEOC can investigate your workplace and do something to stop sexual harassment, if necessary.
  5. File a lawsuit. If your employer fails to offer an appropriate resolution or settlement, the EEOC will give you the right to file a sexual harassment lawsuit. A lawsuit can hold your employer accountable for failing to protect you.

You have the right to hire an attorney to represent you from the very beginning of a sexual harassment case in Kansas. A sexual harassment attorney in Kansas can give you advice about what to do and say as a victim of harassment, helping you feel empowered. If your case leads to insurance settlement negotiations or a civil court trial, your attorney can represent your best interests during the legal process.

How to Choose the Best Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorney for Your Case

It is important not to trust just any personal injury lawyer with your workplace sexual harassment case. The sexual harassment lawyer in Kansas that you choose should have experience handling this type of case. At DRZ Law, going up against institutions in sexual harassment and abuse claims is our legal specialty. We can help you bring a claim against your employer or another entity in pursuit of maximum financial compensation for your losses. 

Experience is key when selecting the right Kansas sexual harassment lawyer to take your case. Look for a lawyer with positive case results in your practice area and testimonials from past clients. A lawyer with referrals or recommendations from other law firms can show you that he or she has what it takes to handle your case. Finally, search for an attorney that will dedicate personal attention to your case. You should feel that your Kansas sexual harassment attorney cares about you and your future and will do what it takes to obtain justice.

What Compensation Is Available for Workplace Sexual Harassment in Kansas?

 As a victim of workplace sexual harassment or sex discrimination in Kansas, you may be entitled to financial compensation for multiple economic and non-economic damages, including: 

  • Lost wages from having to take time off of work, including sick days or vacation days
  • Back pay if reporting sexual harassment led to wrongful termination
  • Physical injuries from sexual assault or abuse
  • Medical expenses for physical or emotional injuries
  • Payment to cover legal fees and court costs
  • Punitive damages for egregious acts by the defendant

The value of your workplace sexual harassment case will depend on how significantly this crime impacted you. Discuss your case with a lawyer before saying yes to a settlement for sexual harassment to make sure that you accept a fair and reasonable amount.

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