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Sexual abuse is a crime that victimizes thousands of students in schools around the country each year. Private schools are no exception. Even the most elite private school in Kansas can harbor sexual predators and put students at risk of sexual abuse and assault. 

 If you or a loved one has suffered sexual abuse by a teacher, student or staff member at a private school in Kansas, contact DRZ Law right away for assistance. Our lawyers have 20+ years of experience with private school sexual abuse cases, and have obtained compensation for 100 percent of our sexual assault clients. We have what it takes to help you with this sensitive and complicated type of claim.

What Is Private School Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse refers to sexual contact between a perpetrator and someone who has not given their consent to engage in sexual activity. Sexual abuse can describe many different types of sex crimes, including:

  • Sexual touching or fondling
  • Unwanted kissing or hugging
  • Sexual abuse and violence
  • Sexual assault or battery
  • Bullying, cyberbullying or hazing
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sex discrimination
  • Rape or sodomy
  • Statutory rape

Private school sexual abuse specifically refers to these crimes taking place under the care of an educational institution that is privately owned and funded using the payment of fees by parents.

Warning Signs That May Indicate Private School Sexual Abuse 

Many victims of child sexual abuse do not come forward or report their struggles to adults. They may stay quiet for fear of not being believed, retaliation by the perpetrator, or they may be too young to fully understand the nature of the crime committed against them, or a variety of other reasons. It is often the task of a parent to notice signs of something wrong and to ask a child about abuse. Although warning signs of sexual abuse can vary from person to person, they may include: 

  • Physical injuries, such as bruising on the upper thighs
  • Bed-wetting or regression in young children
  • Nightmares or flashbacks
  • Sudden decline in school performance
  • Behavioral outbursts or personality changes
  • Chronic depression
  • Fear or anxiety
  • Signs of post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Substance use disorders
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Sexually transmitted diseases

One or two of these signs may be indicative of typical child or teenage behaviors. The presence of several red flags, however, suggests that you should ask your child questions and consider seeking outside help. If you suspect that your child has been sexually abused or assaulted at a private school in Kansas, take action to get your child the help that he or she needs immediately.

How Does Sexual Abuse Happen at a Private School?

Many parents think that because a school is privately owned, it is safer than a public school and could not possibly put its students at risk of sexual abuse or assault. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Many private schools, including institutions in Kansas, are guilty of hiring and harboring sexual predators, as well as failing to protect their students from sexual assault overall. Common examples include:

  • Lack of supervision/failure to supervise. Students at a private school in Kansas should be properly supervised and accounted for at all times. Lack of supervision and teachers failing to watch over children are common issues brought up in sexual abuse cases. Lack of supervision both on and off-campus during school activities can lead to teacher-student or student-student sexual assault.
  • Poor teacher hiring procedures. A private school has a legal and ethical responsibility to hire teachers, staff members and volunteers who are fit to be around young children. They should conduct background checks and thorough application procedures to search for red flags. Failing to do so increases the risk of student sexual assault by known sexual predators and abusers.
  • Covering up abuse and protecting abusers. Secrecy is a major problem that hurts victims and creates further opportunities for student sexual abuse in the future. Unfortunately, many private schools cover up abuse allegations and choose to protect abusers over children. Private schools may simply transfer teachers to different locations, for example, rather than terminating them. Failing to report abuse and take immediate action compromises the safety of all students.

If a private school failed to act in a reasonable manner to prevent foreseeable harm to its students, resulting in student sexual abuse, your family can hold the school financially responsible (liable) for the incident. It is possible to file a lawsuit against a private school in Kansas for its own negligence or the actions of one of its employees. It can be difficult, however, to go up against this type of institution without assistance from a sexual abuse lawyer.

What Is Unique About Institutional Abuse Claims?

Going up against a private school in a civil sexual abuse claim is not easy. Private schools have extensive resources and aggressive legal teams to fight liability for teacher sexual assault. They often attempt to hide information about reported incidents and deny culpability for sexual abuse. Hiring a lawyer is the best way to level the playing field. Look for a lawyer with experience bringing sexual abuse lawsuits against institutions, as this area of law is a legal specialty. DRZ Law has everything that you need to fight back against a private school. 

We have dedicated our practice to empowering victims of institutional abuse, including private school sexual abuse. We will make sure that you get the treatment that you need to heal. Then, we will help survivors or parents demand justice and change the system so that student sexual abuse does not happen again in the future. Our lawyers will guide you through every step of a private school sexual assault lawsuit so that you never feel alone. We are here to empower you when you feel powerless.

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