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Sexual abuse is a horrific crime that no child or student should ever have to suffer. Yet this is the terrible reality for thousands of students in private schools around the country. Even elite and Christian private schools can harbor sexual predators and child abusers. If you or a loved one has suffered sexual abuse at a private school in Missouri, help is available. Contact DRZ Law at (913) 400-2033 to tell your story to a sexual abuse attorney during a free and confidential case review.

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What Is Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse is the crime of engaging in sexual contact or activity with an individual without that person’s consent. In Missouri, a child under the age of 17 cannot legally give his or her consent to sex or sexual activity. Anyone who engages in sexual intercourse or sexual activity with a child younger than 17 can face charges for sexual abuse or statutory rape in Missouri.

The criminal definition of sexual abuse under Revisor of Missouri Section 566.100 is to subject a victim to sexual contact when that person is incapacitated, incapable of giving consent or by the use of forcible compulsion. Missouri also has a specific statute criminalizing sexual contact with students (Section 566.086). This law prohibits a teacher, student teacher, employee, volunteer, elected official, administrator, coach or assistant coach from having sexual contact with a student.

Missouri Private Schools Have a History of Sexual and Physical Abuse

In 1982, a law was passed in Missouri that allowed religious boarding schools to claim an exemption from the state’s school licensing requirement. This means these schools are exempt from state rules that govern other boarding schools and children’s homes – including rules in place for the safety of students. There is no way for the state to monitor how students at religious boarding schools are treated or educated.

In 2022, investigators in Missouri substantiated 10 claims of abuse at Agape Boarding School, a Christian reform school in Stockton. The investigation was sparked by mounting lawsuits and allegations of abuse by former students. The types of abuse listed in the investigative report included medical, physical, sexual and neglect by multiple perpetrators.

Another example is accounts that surfaced about Missouri’s Circle of Hope Girls’ Ranch. The founders of this ranch are currently facing close to 100 charges, including sexual abuse. Some of the allegations involve girls being restrained with handcuffs, whipped, punched and sexually assaulted.

Compensation for Victims of Missouri Private School Sexual Abuse

As a survivor of sexual abuse at a private school, you may be able to hold the institution and the individual perpetrator responsible for the crimes committed against you. The private school may be liable for putting you at risk or failing to protect you from an abuser. For example, the school could be liable for a negligent lack of supervision, poor teacher hiring procedures, a lack of background checks, or knowingly protecting abusers by concealing reports of abuse. Bringing an institutional abuse claim against a private school is not easy, but it can result in greater justice and financial compensation for you as a victim.

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