Business Dispute Lawyers Help You Protect Your Business

Business Dispute Lawyers Help You Protect Your Business

You have built your business through sacrifice and sleepless nights. Don’t let someone else take that away from you. Our extensive experience trying sophisticated, multi-million dollar commercial and intellectual property disputes will help us understand your business and your concerns. We serve our business clients on contingency as well as hourly fee arrangements.

Specialty Areas

  • Breach of Contract. If a contractual obligation isn’t being honored, you’re going to need help. Let us help resolve your issues.
  • Partnership Disputes. Partnerships don’t always work out like you planned, it’s a fact of business. We can help before you lose your financial share of your company.
  • Fraud & Unfair Business Practices. If you entered into a business or transaction and then found out the truth was hidden from you, or if the money has now all disappeared, we can fight for you.

National and Neighborhood Experience

We both began our careers at large, national law firms, practicing complex commercial litigation in federal and state courts from California to Washington, DC. While our office is here in Kansas City, we’re comfortable no matter where the case leads.

RZ Law Attorney Chris DoveWe’re in it With You

Legal issues are never convenient and most people don’t exactly have it planned out in the budget! We serve clients on contingency fee arrangements, as well as on an hourly basis. We are willing to share the risk and serve clients on a contingency basis, on an hourly-fee basis, and most anything in between.

Get the resolution you need.

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