Your school may block you from blocking social media

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Heads Up: Some parents are finding that they cannot block their child’s access to social media access on school devices.

Many schools now issue electronic devices, such as an iPad, to their students.  The question for parents is what control do they have to control or block their students’ access to social media through those devices?  As reported by Startland news, the answer may be none.

Parents recognize that they need to supervise their child’s social media use.  It is a gateway to a world far broader than a child is ready to experience.  Blocking all social media access would probably be the choice for many parents.  But the resulting howls of indignation would threaten sanity.  Instead, we try to carefully monitor what and who they have access to.

But it appears that, in some cases, schools exercise complete control over the content of devices.  It is understandable that the school does not want certain apps removed if they are used for educational services.  But, as the article illustrates, the school’s control over the device even overrides the filters that parents use at home to restrict access.  As the parent featured in the article discovered, the VPN settings on the device “allow her kids to bypass home internet filters to access such sites as YouTube.”

Just a heads up that your student may have access to social media sites on their school iPad that you thought was blocked at home.

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