Help for survivors of
sexual abuse & assault


Is it too late for me to file a sexual assault lawsuit?

There are many survivors of childhood sexual abuse who, as adults, wish to seek legal justice against the person, people, or institution responsible for their injuries.

Why Traumatic Brain Injury Changes a Person

Traumatic brain injury can damage the limbic system and frontal lobe, which permanently changes emotional response and behavior.

How Brain Injury Can Change Personality

When a traumatic brain injury damages the temporal lobe of the brain, it can change the personality and behavior of a person.

How A Traumatic Brain Injury Damages Essential Neurons

A traumatic brain injury damages neurons, which are the cells of the brain. Damaged neurons interrupt or stop the brain’s function.

Legal Rights After a Child Sexual Assault

Federal and State Laws Hold Institutions Accountable to Protect Children from Known Sexual Harassment and Assault.

Why File a Sexual Assault Lawsuit

What Is a Lawsuit and Why File One Against the Institution Where Your Child Was Sexually Assaulted.

What to Do if Someone Is Sexually Harassing Your Child

Take Action to Make a School Respond if an Adult or Other Student Is Sexually Harassing Your Child.

How to Protect Your Child from Predators

Knowing how to arm your child and to identify the red flags can help you prevent your child from becoming a victim.

Protect Your Child By Knowing Sexual Assault Happens Everywhere

Teachers, religious leaders, and other students sexually assault children in schools, churches, and sports teams

Child Sexual Abuse in Churches Is the Worst Betrayal

Sexual abuse should never happen in a church. But it has occurred far too often, and the religious institutions have shielded the perpetrators from justice.

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