Help for survivors of
sexual abuse & assault


Help for children who suffer sexual abuse at daycare

Children abused at daycare may be entitled to compensation. If your child is a victim, it’s important to know your rights. Learn your next steps.

Help for Victims of Abuse at Military Schools

Military school abuse can result in serious physical and psychological injuries. If your child was abused at a military school, you may be entitled to damages.

Reporting Child Abuse in Missouri

Child abuse is unfortunately common in Missouri. Children often don’t know how to escape abusive situations. Adults can help by reporting suspected abuse.

Long-Term Emotional Trauma from Sexual Assault

Childhood sexual abuse is a devastating experience that can haunt victims for the rest of their lives. Learn the long-term effects of abuse and how to get help.

Failure to Report Child Abuse Is Not a Victimless Act

Child abuse can have significant negative effects on victims. Mandatory reporters who fail to report suspected abuse may be held liable for subsequent injuries.

Seeking help for students victimized by bullying and hazing

Bullying and hazing can have profound negative effects on students. Was your child the victim of bullying or hazing at school? You may be entitled to damages.

Sexual Abuse by Teachers

Teachers are supposed to protect their students from harm. When teachers sexually or physically abuse students, both they and the school may be liable.

Sexual abuse in public schools

Public schools are required to protect students from sexual abuse. Students victimized by school personnel or volunteers may be eligible for compensation.

Sexual abuse at private schools

Child sexual abuse can occur anywhere, even at the best private schools. Learn to spot signs of abuse, and how to get help if you or your child were victimized.

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